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President's Letter

Gibby Aviation

Now I've got a financial partner who's helping my small business reach new heights.

Aviation financing is truly unique. Understanding the market, the risk, and the opportunities is complex enough that most traditional banks won't touch it. Notice we said traditional.

So when Gibby Aviation saw the opportunity to strengthen their position in the market with the purchase of additional aircraft, they turned to Celtic Bank for a solution. And we came through with flying colors.

Whether your small business needs a line of credit, equipment or building financing, or just that little bit extra to help you keep ahead, give us a call. Because nobody is more flexible or responsive when it comes to helping your small business take flight. Celtic Bank (801) 363-6500

Artistic Outdoors

This is a story about how a bank helped a landscaper. Without all the usual fertilizer.

When Artistic Outdoors needed to buy some new landscaping equipment fast, they knew who to call. They just got on the horn to Celtic Bank, and explained the situation.

If they didn't get a loan in a few hours, they'd lose their chance to buy what they needed. So Celtic cut through the usual fertilizer and got Artistic Outdoors their money.

If your small business ever needs a little equipment financing or any of our other small business services, give us a call. We might wind up on your speed dial, too. Celtic Bank(801) 363-6500.